Product Description
Knowing correct distances upon a march will enlarge your shot confidence, raise your golfing knowledge as good as essentially reduce your scores. GolfLogix GPS ceaselessly calculates as good as displays distances to a front, core as good as behind of any immature along with bunkers as good as hazards; all upon a large, easy-to-read shade as good as but ever carrying to press a button. Manufactured by GARMIN, a universe personality in GPS technology, GolfLogix is a many precise, durable, as good as user-friendly golf GPS upon a market. Simply bond your GolfLogix GPS to your personal computer, download up to twenty march maps in reduction than 2 minutes, as good as fool around golf! Download your a a singular preferred march map for FREE or turn a part of for a low annual subscription price as good as benefit entrance to download over 15,000 courses Product Description
Enjoy a value of GPS mapping upon a golf march with a GolfLogix GPS-8 handheld unit, which calculates as good as displays distances to a front, core as good as behind of any immature along with hazards. The many precise, permanent as good as user-friendly golf GPS upon a market, this brand new chronicle of a GolfLogix right away recognizes what march we have been personification automatically.

You get a stretch to a front/center/back of immature for any hole.

The GolfLogix GPS-8 includes Garmin’s tall sensitivity, 12-channel GPS receiver which ensures faster heavenly body merger time as good as higher accuracy. Nicely compress in your hand, it weighs 5.3 ounces with batteries as good as measures 1.2 inches thin. The box is 100 percent waterproof (submersible in H2O per IPX7 customary tests) as good as is shock-proof as good as impact-resistant for imperishable outside use. The vast LCD shade (1.25 by 2.25 inches) has a 64 x 128 pixel fortitude as good as facilities glorious prominence in approach object with tractable shade contrasts as good as backlight shade environment for dim personification conditions.

Wherever we have been upon a course, GolfLogix displays a pass distances to hazards as good as a immature in large confidant numbers all upon a neat black palm-sized device. The shade advances automatically to all of a targets upon a golf march so there have been no buttons to pull or lasers to indicate during your round. The GolfLogix GPS-8 can store a following interpretation upon any hole: front/center/back of green; hazards; bunkers; water; lay-ups; as good as carries.

Easily download march interpretation regulating a GolfLogix software, as good as store up to twenty courses in a GPS-8 during a singular time.

The included, simple-to-use program lets we download up to twenty golf march maps upon your section during a singular time. Simply bond your GolfLogix GPS to your personal computer, as good as a program walks we by a couple of easy stairs to download golf march maps from a GolfLogix database of some-more than 15,000 golf courses. The program is concordant with Windows 2000/XP/Vista as good as Mac OS X (Tiger/Leopard). Download your a a singular preferred march for giveaway or turn a part of for a low annual subscription price as good as benefit entrance to a complete worldwide database.

Other facilities include:

  • Distance of final shot underline
  • Large series displays which have been easy to review for all ages as good as eye-visions
  • Personalized name upon categorical screens for confidence as good as anti-theft
  • Displays in yards or meters
  • Includes multi-use leather belt or bag shave
  • GolfLogix Course Manager program with USB drivers
  • 1-year guaranty

What have been a advantages of GolfLogix GPS contra alternative yardage devices?
A handheld GPS device, such as GolfLogix GPS, offers some-more coherence during a standard turn of golf. You can move a GPS to a round as good as get some-more correct stretch data. Unlike alternative laser devices, there is no need to indicate as good as target or have a approach line of steer to a jeopardy or hole.

How do we get golf march maps upon my GolfLogix GPS?
Included with your primary squeeze is entrance to download a singular golf march map of your choice. Simply follow a step-by-step instructions in a Quick Start Guide located in a box to download a Course Manager Software from a GolfLogix Web site. Then follow a registration as good as activation screens upon your mechanism to acquire your giveaway golf march map. With a $29.95 annual membership, we can download an total volume of golf courses worldwide (currently some-more than 15,000 in a database) as good as have entrance to GolfLogix product enhancements as good as upgrades.

Is regulating a GPS stretch device authorised underneath USGA regulations?
The USGA as good as R&A both not long ago authorised a make make make make use of of of of of satellite-based yardage measuring inclination during competition. Specifically, preference 14-3/0.5 allows a cabinet to assent a make make make make use of of of of of stretch measuring inclination by Local Rule. Golfers should check with their golf veteran before to make make make make use of of of of in a USGA authorised event. GPS inclination have regularly been available in encumber scoring in recreational rounds.

What’s in a Box?
GolfLogix GPS, USB cable, belt/bag clip, 2 AA containing alkali batteries, printed instructions

  • User-friendly, golf-oriented GPS section for displaying pass yardage distances upon a course
  • Calculates instant, correct distances to a front, center, as good as behind of greens, as well as hazards; section binds up to twenty courses with some-more than 21,800 available
  • 1.25-by-2.25-inch LCD offers glorious prominence in approach sunlight; waterproof as good as shockproof
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, as good as 2000 as good as Mac OS X; up to twenty-two hours of battery life
  • Includes belt/bag clip, USB-serial cable, as good as AA batteries; measures 2 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches (W x H x D)


Price : £199.99


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