Product Description
For the severe as well as imperishable highway ahead, the Tuff-Luv line is undiluted for recreational as well as out-door enthusiasts, or simply those who enterprise the additional insurance which comes with each Tuff-Luv case.
The universe is full of bumps, jabs, pokes, scratches as well as remarkable blows. We have the Tuff-Luv cases from difficult as well as imperishable materials which ward off the wear as well as rip which comes with your active lifestyle.
Planning the camping outing or hike? Mountain biking? Rock-climbing? Rowdy kids? Add an additional covering of insurance to your investment with the Tuff-Luv case. Your electronic device is critical to you, as well as we know you’ll wish most appropriate insurance accessible to keep it going!
Stylish as well as sleek, we will not scapegoat personal character for the imperishable case. Our tanned hide cases with their reinforced screen-cover flap, will strengthen opposite blows which can repairs device.
You outlayed the lot of time toiling over which device to buy, as well as outlayed your hard-earned income to get it, so because would we go with anything reduction than the most appropriate insurance for your investment?
Enjoy the assent of thoughts which comes with the stout helmet of the Tuff-Luv case. Get yours today!

  • Elegant box handmade in tall class PU leather
  • Soft nonetheless clever as well as tough wearing
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • contrast overstitching


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